We help dealers sell more electric vehicles

ZEV helps dealerships provide world-class customer service. Through our advisory software, we answer questions and concerns from EV buyers and reduce time spent training salespeople.

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Eliminate barriers to selling more EVs

We provide the information and answers that EV customers need. Our software reduces the amount of time spent on training, allowing salespeople to focus on customers.

Provide the best customer service

We are the trusted electric vehicle expert for dealerships. We help you deliver better service and sell more cars by providing reliable information for your customers.

Build the clean technology future

We work with automakers and dealers to sell the cars of the future. We love electric vehicles because they reduce emissions, clean up our environment, and create a better world.

Our Blog

Thoughts on the auto industry, electric cars, and the future

Leadership Team

Gabe Elsner

Founder + CEO

Gabe is a social entrepreneur and an MBA Candidate in the Class of 2018 at The Wharton School. Prior to launching ZEV, he worked at Tesla on the finance and business operations team and founded the Energy & Policy Institute. Energy and Policy Institute defended markets for clean technology worth at least $3 billion in 15 states. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Eddie Kong

VP of Product

Eddie is serial entrepreneur and a 2018 candidate at Penn Engineering for a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Computer and Information Science (CIS). Prior to graduate school, he co-founded Backbone Labs, a smart posture device company that raised $500k on Kickstarter in 30 days (from a $25k goal). He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelors degree in Biophysics.